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Monthly Archives: March 2017

I woke up like this!

Permanent makeup expert surrey

I woke up like this!


With the pressure from social media, reality shows, glossy magazines and any other sources we all see these perfectly scalped humans, you cannot help but begin to judge yourself. In my experience, self-judgement is the most honest judgement. Have you ever wondered ….. Did they actually wake up like this? They most certainly don’t!! So why do they always look so flawless? Answer: Permanent make-up!! Trending worldwide, this is the answer to enhancing your natural beauty and an ideal solution to minimising the time spent on your daily beauty regime.

I decided to try and test this craze and see for myself if I could “Pimp my Age”. The results were absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, my selfie game has never been as strong ….. and Instagram followers quickly noticed my glow.

After years of over plucking and over shaping, I lost my naturally thick looking eyebrow’s that I was graced with thanks to my heritage. My eyebrows never looked so symmetrical, I wasted so much time trying to draw them in every morning.

Pouting is now my new smile! After deciding what 50 shades of pink I was going to have, the rest of the treatment was exciting and surprisingly comfortable. The results where a standing ovation and all credit to the therapist for a fantastic experience. Thank You!!

Did I mention that permeant makeup is anti-ageing? Well I be dammed!

I am now the new founder of my self-esteem and my guilty pleasure is selfies and plenty of them! Now the question is, Did I wake up like this?

Yes, I can actually say I did ?


by Georgia Serafim