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Guest Blog from TOTALLY SOKI



As someone who is quite fair, wearing eyeliner can make a big difference to my look. When I first heard about semi-permanent eyeliner, it was something that immediately appealed to me; the idea of waking up with part of my makeup done, or being able to go swimming with eyeliner, sounded like a great idea to me.

I headed down to The Pure Pigmentation clinic in Surrey. I’d seen Hannah’s work online and the before and after photos looked great. The clinic itself was really beautiful, fresh, modern and spotless, the decor was all white with hints of purple.

After a consultation and review of the health check form, we went into the treatment. The thing most people usually ask me first is whether it hurts. The answer is, only a little, and only towards the end. Hannah started off by applying lots of anaesthetic cream to the area, which really numbs the lids. The pigment itself is applied with a needle, and is a form of semipermanent tattoo, but the needle doesn’t go as deep as a conventional tattoo. At first, if anything, it tickles slightly, due to the vibration of the needle. Hannah was really precise and gentle, and took her time to make sure the line was perfect. The treatment itself took about two hours, from anaesthetic to finished look. Towards the end, as the anaesthetic has worn off, you can start to feel it a little bit, but it is more a feeling of sensitivity than actual pain.

Afterwards my eyes were a little red but I was absolutely fine to drive home. After a few days the initial pigment comes off to reveal the finished look. You can see the before and after photos from the treatment day.

Overall, this is definitely a treatment I’d recommend. The semi-permanent eyeliner itself lasts for years, and you can get it topped up. It’s nothing scary and well worth a few hours to have eyeliner on point 24/7.

Sophie is a Luxury Restaurants, Fashion, Beauty & Travel Blogger from London, you can read more of her blogs at totallysoki.com

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