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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Brows could be the BEST or worst accessory to your face….. CHOOSE WISELY

Brow ArtBrows could be the BEST or worst accessory to your face….. CHOOSE WISELY


Eyebrow enhancements have become the number one HOT topic in the makeup industry over the last couple of years which has lead some individuals to enrol in intense 1-2 day crash courses in permanent makeup, which I can assure you is nowhere near long enough!

Creating Permanent makeup enhancements is an art that takes a lot of creativity, skill, training and practice. You really do need an artistic flair and a good eye to produce great results.

A consultation is the perfect opportunity to meet with your artist, inspect their clinic, check licenses, insurance, certificates and most importantly view their portfolio of before/After and healed results.

Research and invest in you, having new brows is an exciting and life changing experience and its amazing waking up with perfectly applied makeup but please don’t trust anybody to tattoo your face as first impressions are everything.

Remember “good brows aren’t cheap and cheap brows aren’t good”
You should never make decisions to do with your face based on price as it will cost you a lot more to fix your brows in the long run.

When it comes to PMU, Do your research Ladies and choose wisely!

Wake Up with Brows that Wow!

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