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Brows could be the BEST or worst accessory to your face….. CHOOSE WISELY

Brow ArtBrows could be the BEST or worst accessory to your face….. CHOOSE WISELY


Eyebrow enhancements have become the number one HOT topic in the makeup industry over the last couple of years which has lead some individuals to enrol in intense 1-2 day crash courses in permanent makeup, which I can assure you is nowhere near long enough!

Creating Permanent makeup enhancements is an art that takes a lot of creativity, skill, training and practice. You really do need an artistic flair and a good eye to produce great results.

A consultation is the perfect opportunity to meet with your artist, inspect their clinic, check licenses, insurance, certificates and most importantly view their portfolio of before/After and healed results.

Research and invest in you, having new brows is an exciting and life changing experience and its amazing waking up with perfectly applied makeup but please don’t trust anybody to tattoo your face as first impressions are everything.

Remember “good brows aren’t cheap and cheap brows aren’t good”
You should never make decisions to do with your face based on price as it will cost you a lot more to fix your brows in the long run.

When it comes to PMU, Do your research Ladies and choose wisely!

Wake Up with Brows that Wow!

Pure Pigmentation

Guest Blog from TOTALLY SOKI



As someone who is quite fair, wearing eyeliner can make a big difference to my look. When I first heard about semi-permanent eyeliner, it was something that immediately appealed to me; the idea of waking up with part of my makeup done, or being able to go swimming with eyeliner, sounded like a great idea to me.

I headed down to The Pure Pigmentation clinic in Surrey. I’d seen Hannah’s work online and the before and after photos looked great. The clinic itself was really beautiful, fresh, modern and spotless, the decor was all white with hints of purple.

After a consultation and review of the health check form, we went into the treatment. The thing most people usually ask me first is whether it hurts. The answer is, only a little, and only towards the end. Hannah started off by applying lots of anaesthetic cream to the area, which really numbs the lids. The pigment itself is applied with a needle, and is a form of semipermanent tattoo, but the needle doesn’t go as deep as a conventional tattoo. At first, if anything, it tickles slightly, due to the vibration of the needle. Hannah was really precise and gentle, and took her time to make sure the line was perfect. The treatment itself took about two hours, from anaesthetic to finished look. Towards the end, as the anaesthetic has worn off, you can start to feel it a little bit, but it is more a feeling of sensitivity than actual pain.

Afterwards my eyes were a little red but I was absolutely fine to drive home. After a few days the initial pigment comes off to reveal the finished look. You can see the before and after photos from the treatment day.

Overall, this is definitely a treatment I’d recommend. The semi-permanent eyeliner itself lasts for years, and you can get it topped up. It’s nothing scary and well worth a few hours to have eyeliner on point 24/7.

Sophie is a Luxury Restaurants, Fashion, Beauty & Travel Blogger from London, you can read more of her blogs at totallysoki.com

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent makeup vs microblading

Permanent makeup vs microblading

What is the difference between

Permanent makeup and Microblading?


A question that I am asked frequently since eyebrows became the beauty obsession of the decade!

Both Methods are a form of cosmetic tattooing where a fine needle (PMU) or blade (Microblading) is used to abrade the skin and pharmaceutical pigments are deposited in the upper layers of the skin known as the dermis.

Microblading is an old fashioned manual technique that originated in far east Asia when bamboo and other devices were sharpened to prick the skin. This technique is now performed using a hand tool which is constantly being developed and has recently made a huge come back. Amazing results can be achieved but it is not suitable for all skin types. If your skin is naturally oily, your skin will not be able to retain the fine/crisp hairstrokes and your enhancement will very quickly look fuzzy. Clients with oily skin are more suited to Ombré brows applied using the alternative digital machine method. Another point to consider is the Trauma to your skin that the blade can leave, if your artist crosses over the strokes then this can lead to scarring. Depending on how well you look after your treatment, to keep your eyebrows looking fresh expect to need them colour boosted around 6 months after your treatment.

At Pure Pigmentation we create permanent makeup enhancements with a cosmedic® digital machine which is my preferred method. The benefits of this method is that the pigment is evenly deposited in the skin and is applied slightly deeper which means the pigment will retain longer in the skin. PMU works well on all skin types, the machine can be set to different speeds depending on the age of the client and gorgeous shading can also be achieved. Using this method, we can produce exquisite eyebrow, eyeliner and lip enhancements. Depending on how well you look after your enhancement and stick to the aftercare, you should not require a colour boost to freshen your brows for at least 10-12 months. There are many contributing factors that will break down the pigment mainly sun exposure, diet, age and sebum in your skin but the pigment can remain visible for up to 3 years.


by Hanna Ameerally

I woke up like this!

Permanent makeup expert surrey

I woke up like this!


With the pressure from social media, reality shows, glossy magazines and any other sources we all see these perfectly scalped humans, you cannot help but begin to judge yourself. In my experience, self-judgement is the most honest judgement. Have you ever wondered ….. Did they actually wake up like this? They most certainly don’t!! So why do they always look so flawless? Answer: Permanent make-up!! Trending worldwide, this is the answer to enhancing your natural beauty and an ideal solution to minimising the time spent on your daily beauty regime.

I decided to try and test this craze and see for myself if I could “Pimp my Age”. The results were absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, my selfie game has never been as strong ….. and Instagram followers quickly noticed my glow.

After years of over plucking and over shaping, I lost my naturally thick looking eyebrow’s that I was graced with thanks to my heritage. My eyebrows never looked so symmetrical, I wasted so much time trying to draw them in every morning.

Pouting is now my new smile! After deciding what 50 shades of pink I was going to have, the rest of the treatment was exciting and surprisingly comfortable. The results where a standing ovation and all credit to the therapist for a fantastic experience. Thank You!!

Did I mention that permeant makeup is anti-ageing? Well I be dammed!

I am now the new founder of my self-esteem and my guilty pleasure is selfies and plenty of them! Now the question is, Did I wake up like this?

Yes, I can actually say I did 😊


by Georgia Serafim

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