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Everything you need to know about Permanent Makeup. If we haven’t answered your question please email us at info@purepigmentation.com and we can get back to you as soon as possible.

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi Permanent Makeup is the art of infusing pigment into the skin using a needle and machine – sometimes known as ‘Permanent Makeup’, ‘Cosmetic Tattooing or ‘Micropigmentation’ – to create enhancements and definition to the facial features.

How do I know if the treatment is right for me?

We will perform an in-depth consultation for each treatment, lasting around 45 minutes.  It is a great opportunity for you to meet us, and see our clinic, we will assess your skin type and discuss the different techniques we have to offer. We will consider pigments, and design a template with a pencil to give you an idea of what to expect and to make sure we understand completely what you are looking to achieve.

At the end of the consultation, we will complete a sensitivity test and discuss your medical history and any medications to ensure that the procedure can take place safely. 

How long does the treatment take?

Permanent Makeup treatments will usually take around 2hrs to complete, so please allow enough time for your appointment. They include a complimentary refill, which takes around another 2 hours to complete and can be taken between 4-12 weeks after the initial application.

Is the procedure painful?

Before the treatment, a topical numbing agent is applied to the area,  to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Clients usually rate the discomfort on a scale of 1-10, with a ‘1-2’ being usual for brow treatments, a ‘3’ being usual for an eyeliner treatment, and a ‘5-6’ being usual for lip treatments.

What will the treatment look like immediately after?

You may find the treatment area will look darker and more intense in colour for 4-7 days following the procedure. However, the pigment will lighten by 40-60% and soften as the skin begins to heal. We will provide full aftercare instructions, as well as an aftercare kit to enable the best-healed results possible.

How long will my treatment last?

This will vary for each individual depending on your lifestyle and skin type. Generally, your PMU treatment will need a colour boost around 12- 18 months from your first initial treatment to ensure the colour and definition look it’s best.
But if you left your enhancement it will gradually get lighter until the pigment disappears around 2-3 years.

This fading process is heavily influenced by environmental factors such as sun/UV, strong facial treatments (retinol and AHA Acids) along with your skin type.

Why choose us over other clinics?

We are highly skilled with 9 years of experience and trained by London’s most renowned permanent makeup and training academies.

We are extremely passionate about the treatments we offer and pride ourselves on having over 100, 5* Google reviews and building amazing relationships with all our clients.

Fully licensed, insured, always updating our training courses with the latest techniques and keeping up to date with the very best machines, pigments and products.

Cancellation policies

Other than our Free consultations, all appointments require a £50 deposit to be paid to secure your appointment time.

If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment time, we will do our best to fill your appointment so you can transfer your deposit to another treatment date. Appointments that are cancelled before 48 hours will be given a full refund if requested.

If you fail to show up for your top-up appointment, you will be charged £100 to rebook.

Please get in touch or schedule your free consultation to find out more